The Joy of Snow

Frost Road Elementary - First Snow Day

Today was the first snowfall of the school year which made supervision a true joy.  The energy, enthusiasm and passion for snow-play is alive and well.  Today our Kindergarten students were allowed to access the main field for the first time so they could partake in the snow festivities.  Kids instinctively began to roll the snow into large balls and worked cooperatively and feverishly to construct snowmen and snow forts. As  a principal, I used today’s snow day as an opportunity to recommit to ensuring  my students embrace their unbridled passion for play while keeping safe and warm.   Supervising kids daily continually renews my passion for the work I do in ensuring the highest quality educational program for my students.

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Finding One’s Voice

Taking the step to share one’s voice and opinions on the World Wide Web takes courage. We encourage our students to write for authentic audiences and now I am ready to share my voice. The identification of the purpose and audience of the blog is critical as this will help shape the thoughts shared. I have discovered that I have a lot to share about the work we do in education supporting learners, families and teachers.

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Hello World!

Welcome to my first blog.  Writing is so critical in helping to clarify and crystallize one’s thoughts.  I look forward to sharing my blog with fellow administrators, teachers and parents in my community.

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